Anthony & Stephanie's Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photography at The Lodge at Liberty Forge Golf Club – Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photographer

Anthony & Stephanie at The Lodge at Liberty Forge

Anthony and Stephanie had an ABSOLUTELY epic wedding day at The Lodge at Liberty Forge near Harrisburg, PA!  After they said their, "I Do's..." we took off to make some photographs.  From the start, they let me know how much they wanted a photograph like the ones I post on Facebook --- I knew exactly what they meant =)  I kept an eye on the weather and things weren't looking promising for a late evening photograph but I knew I could get a sick photograph if I could get them onto a hillside near sunset.  Just as we started the photograph, I saw this perfect location and we jumped RIGHT into, haha!  No, "look here and smile" photographs --- we went in for the hero shot and banged this out --- mission accomplished for them =)  I love the sun's rays dancing out from behind them!  They had such an awesome day, make sure to stay locked here to see more from their beautiful wedding day =)

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