Max & Caitlin's Rockwood, PA Wedding Photography at The Hayloft – Rockwood, PA Wedding Photographer

Max & Caitlin's Wedding at The Hayloft, Rockwood, PA

I'm butter on a summer day (Smoking Popes reference --- anyone?!) when it comes to photographs like this one from Max & Caitlin's wedding day.  There aren't many days in Pennsylvania when the clouds are on display like this so I always try to take full advantage of it when the opportunity arises.  The trick to making a photograph like this work in the middle of the day is to place your subject between the light source and your camera and underexpose by a few stops --- once you do that, you can bust out silhouettes for dazeeeee --- good for me =)  It always helps when you have clients like these two love birds that are up for chasing after photographs like this too =)  I've been sitting on this photograph and about 10,000 more from this year's weddings and high school senior sessions --- I can't wait to start sharing them here now that the madness is coming to an end.  Trust me, you will want to stay locked here for some of the best photographs I've ever made --- thanks for the constant support =)

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