Adam & Ashlee's Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Photography at Heinz Chapel – Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Photographer

Heinz Chapel, Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Photography

Sometimes I can't believe the places I get to see and the photographs that I have the opportunity to make in them.  When I walked into this church, I felt like that little kid David from that viral dentist video where he says, "Is...this real life?!!?"   Can you tell I'm seriously in love with this photograph from Adam and Ashlee's UNREAL wedding day at Heinz Chapel in Pittsburgh, PA =)  I had such an incredible day with these two love birds!  During the wedding planning, Adam and Ashlee told me how important it was to have a photograph in the church that would capture the romantic feel of the Neo-Gothic architecture --- I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do.  Anyone who has worked in Heinz Chapel knows they are on an EXTREME time crunch with all the weddings they have in this beautiful space.  As soon as we finished up all the family shots, we hurried (Okay...pretty much sprinted) off to make this photograph happen.  If I remember correctly, we had just under 2 minutes as Adam and Ashlee made their way up the stairs to get to this balcony to get this shot.  Weddings can be absolutely INSANE STRESS to deliver during but I love living in that hectic world.  Checking the timestamps on my camera, we made this photograph in under 30 seconds --- insane!  Lucky for me I had two amazing people that made my job not only sooooooo simple but MEGA FUN too =)  Stay locked here to see more from their wedding day --- you'll want to stick around, I promise!

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