Josh & Mallory's New Years Eve Meyersdale, PA Wedding Photography at Morguen Toole – Meyersdale, PA Wedding Photographer

I seriously LOVE first looks and this photograph from Josh and Mallory's beautiful Morguen Toole wedding in Meyersdale, PA is the exact reason why. When you have two love birds that are head over heels for one another and they see each other for the first time behind closed doors, there is no telling what kind of emotions are going to come out. Sometimes people scream and run at each other in excitement, or sometimes like in Mallory's case there is too much emotion to even handle. She was so thrilled to see Josh that she literally had to cover up her face and close her eyes tight to fight off all the feels. The only thing that brought her back down to earth was when Josh tightly wrapped his arms around her and reminded her that all of this was real =) Yesterday was the third year anniversary of when Josh and Mallory met each other, and to top it off, they met in the same building where this photograph was made --- how awesome is that?! Let's wish them an infinite amount of years of happiness to come. I love you guys =)

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