David & Megan's Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Photography at The Double Tree – Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Photographer


Caption this photo --- why do you think he is laughing here?!  Did she say something?!  Did he do something?!  Maybe it was me?!  This should be so much fun, haha!  Remember, we all have a ridiculous sense of humor, the crazier the better.  Anyways, is it just me or can you almost hear Dave hysterically laughing in this photograph from his & Megan's lovely Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Day =)  Although I'm not sure who was laughing harder here, Dave, Megan or me --- it was probably me!  I was recently asked by a major wedding blog during an interview what my favorite part of a wedding is and without hesitation I answered, "All of the people".  I can't explain to you how much fun I have during a wedding day --- there isn't a place in the world that I would have rather been during this exact moment but with these two love birds =)  Stay locked here, I'm sure I will share more from their amazing wedding day over the next few weeks.  Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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