Chris & Devon's Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Photography at The Edgewood Club – Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Photographer

I seriously LOVE this photograph from Chris and Devon's beautiful wedding day in Pittsburgh, PA. I made this photograph as Devon was getting ready at The Hotel Monaco just as things started to settling down a bit. Her bridesmaid's were busy getting into their dresses preparing to help Devon to get into her's and we had a few moments of pure serenity. Devon hopped up onto the window ledge and looked down at the busy streets of Pittsburgh below as she soaked in the upcoming events of her wedding day. I can't personally speak of what was going on in Devon's mind during these blissful moments BUT what I do know is how genuinely happy and peaceful she looked as she thought about her day, Chris, the man waiting at the end of the isle for her, their families, their friends, and all of the amazing memories they were about to make together =) Are you enjoying seeing photographs from their wedding day?! Stay locked here to see more...

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