Chris & Devon's Pittsburgh, PA Engagement Photography at The University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Photographer

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DAYS!  Not next year, not next month --- DAYS --- and less than 10 of them until Devon and Chris say, "I doooooooooooo!" in front of their family and friends!  From the first time I met these two love birds, I knew we were going to have such an awesome time during their wedding day!  I seriously can't believe that it's here already and I'm unreal pumped that it is =)  I love this photograph from their beautiful Pittsburgh, PA Engagement Photoshoot.  The night was coming to a close and it started to rain --- we all agreed that we needed to make something epic happen.  I'm glad that we all got wet, how awesome did this turn out?!  It is easily one of my favorite photographs from an Engagement that I have ever made --- I can't wait to crush the wedding day next =)  Stay locked here for photographs from their wedding day VERY soon.

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