Jeff & Amy's Johnstown, PA Wedding Photography at The Grand Halle – Johnstown, PA Wedding Photographer

I typically can't keep my mouth shut for more than a few seconds BUT I'm seriously speechless right now. I just can't seem to find the words to describe this photograph from Jeff and Amy's beautiful wedding day at The Grande Halle in Johnstown, PA. What to say!? This flowering tree, the gently falling rain, the genuine love that these two have in their hearts for one another --- it all felt waaaaay to perfect to be real. The thing of it is though, it WAS real and it really did come together perfectly for these two love birds. I couldn't be any more happy for the two of you! I hope this photograph is just as special for you as it is for me! Maybe I'm a dreamer and overly romantic but I hope one day in the distant future your daughter Charlotte has this print hanging in her home and is constantly reminded of the love that Mom and Dad have for each other. I wish nothing but happiness for your family! I had such an amazing day with all of your families and friends --- thanks again for everything =) Congratulations on a truly amazing day!

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