Neil & BriAnn Johnstown, PA Wedding Photography at This Is It! – Johnstown, PA Wedding Photographer

Neil & BriAnn at Devil's Rock, Johnstown, PA

WHAT'S UP JOHNSTOWN, PA --- YOU KNOW I THINK YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!  I was so pumped when Neil and BriAnn jumped on board for my crazy idea to head to this overlook of Johnstown, PA called Devil's Rock.  We were about 10 minutes away from this location during the reception so I couldn't help but to ask what they thought.  Within a few minutes, we were cruising down the road as I prepared them for this epic location!  We we arrived, there were a few people down at the overlook, the expression on their faces was priceless when they saw a bride and groom come walking down the trail, haha!  Neil and BriAnn spent a few minutes soaking in the sinking sun and their beautiful day ---  it was pure magic!  You know you wanna see more --- stay locked here for more photographs from their amazing wedding day =)

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