Brad & Bethann's Patton, PA Wedding Photography at Le Ferme Rouge – Patton, PA Wedding Photographer

Brad & Bethann's beautiful wedding at La Ferme Rouge in Patton, PA

How AMAZING is this sunset that mother nature painted for us during Brad and Bethann's beautiful wedding day at La Ferme Rouge in Patton, PA?!  As soon as Brad busted through the bridal dance crowd, he scooped up Bethann into his arms and we took off outside to create this photograph --- and this is just the beginning from this amazing series =)  I had just about everything I wanted but I knew we could make something unreal special if they could give me 10 more minutes of their time and a quarter mile hike up a hillside through waist deep vegetation.  I asked, "How adventurous do you guys wanna be for this" and Brad replied, "REALLY adventurous!!!".  I saw them look at each other and I knew it was on --- we began on our journey.  The sky was exploding with new colors by the second as we cruised to this overlook and the rest is history.  I made a few photographs and showed the back of my camera to the love birds and they were blown away --- mission accomplished =)  We headed back down the hillside toward the venue, this time on a footpath that we didn't realize was there, hahaha --- whoops --- hiking through the fields did make it seem more epic though, right?!?!  I can't wait to share more from their beautiful wedding day!  Stay locked here for more photographs!

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