Neil & BriAnn Johnstown, PA Wedding Photography at This Is It! – Johnstown, PA Wedding Photographer

Neil & BriAnn's First Dance at This Is It!  Johnstown, PA

Neil and BriAnn's First Dance from their Johnstown, PA Wedding Day at This Is It! definitely ranks up there with the best that I have ever seen --- isn't it absolutely beautiful?!  YOU NEED to check out the little girl over on the side of the photograph watching these two love birds --- her expression is priceless! Speaking of,  I know that most of my big giant landscape driven photographs get the most love here on Facebook but I'll take the priceless real moments like this over those photographs each and every time.  Neil and BriAnn's wedding was full of beautiful moments and lots of love and laughs!  So much so that I had to replace my memory card quicker at their wedding than at any other wedding EVER --- crazy!  From the first meetings to the Engagement Session to the Wedding, I've had so much fun with these two and will carry those memories on forever --- especially when Neil showed up to a meeting with a tux tshirt on, haha =)  Stay locked here for more from their beautiful wedding =)

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