Mitchel & Paula's Johnstown Wedding Photography at Sunnehanna Country Club – Johnstown, PA Wedding Photographer

Lightning strikes over Sunnehanna Country Club, Johnstown, PA

BZZZZZZZZZZZT!  Last night's massive lightning storm narrowly missed the always beautiful Sunnehanna Country Club just to the southwest but we were close enough to capture the show during Mitchel & Paula's amazing Johnstown, PA Wedding Day!  After all the guests said their goodbyes, a few of us stuck around Sunnehanna and soaked in the day while we waited for the tournament players to finish up so we could access the golf course.  After checking the skies a few times, I made the call and we all took off outside to chase after something killer.  Earlier in the day, Mitchel mentioned he was hoping for rain for a few photographs --- little did we know at that time a major lightning storm would push off the projected course and light up the skies DURING a killer sunset over Johnstown, PA.  I'm almost 100% sure that this is my new favorite wedding image that I have made for a couple --- ever.  The crazy part is how many photographs from this wedding are COMPLETELY epic moments.  Make sure you stay locked here to see more from this super fun Sunnehanna Country Club wedding day!  

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