Megan & Adam's Seven Springs, PA Wedding Photography at Seven Springs Mountain Resort – Seven Springs, PA Wedding Photographer

Seven Springs Wedding Photography

Look at that dress spinning and shaking!!!  I had such an amazing time with Adam and Megan during their absolutely perfect wedding day at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.  I love this photograph of these two love birds from their first look --- it fits their personalities perfectly too!  We just walked down to a look we were told was going to be sick but it turned out to be a pretty big dud --- no big deal though, there was plenty of time to make something special (plenty of time for a wedding photographer is about 5 minutes, haha).  As we were walking back up the hill, I saw this scene and it was screaming for me to do something with it.  Megan has such an energetic personality, I knew I had to throw some action into their photographs.  Cue an unbelievably gorgeous girl in a big beautiful wedding dress dancing and spinning on a hill side with her soon-to-be husband =)  Ahhhhh, how perfect!!!!  Trust --- you'll want to stay locked here for more photographs from their Seven Springs Mountain Resort wedding day!

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