Alexa's Bishop Carroll High School Senior Photography - Northern Cambria, PA Senior Photographer

Alexa's Bishop Carroll High School Photography

Hey!!!!  Before you read the story about this photograph I wanted to tell you that I'm just about booked completely for the year!  If you are interested in a High School Senior photograph now is the time!  Head over to my web site and we'll get the wheels turning =)

I had such an awesome day with Alexa creating her High School Senior photographs!  We hit up a few different locations through out the day and were on to our last location.  Alexa threw on her letter jacket with these white pants but I knew I had to do something else with them too!  Her mother and her got the typical "Okay,,,okay...I know I said we're done butttttt..." conversation and away we went to another location right around the block.  A few people were around while we were setting up this shot, I can only imagine what must have been going on through their heads, haha!  I'm so super pumped that Alexa was on board to keep pushing forward --- this is easily one of my favorite High School Senior photographs to date!  Stick around here to see more from her amazing session =)

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