Vanessa's Maternity Photography in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Vanessa's Maternity Photography in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Vanessa's Maternity Photography in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

#SOSNICARAGUA.  I have decided to share my favorite photographs from Nicaragua to raise awareness as the country's president, Daniel Ortega, continues to commit crimes against humanity by ordering the murder of peaceful protesters.  Human rights groups have recorded more than 140 deaths, more than 1000 injured, and counting.  Hundreds of people are still missing, especially young people taken violently on the street, who are believed to be in country’s prisons being tortured and killed.  #SOSNICARAGUA | Te Quiero Libre!

This is Vanessa, one of my dear friends who calls Granada, Nicaragua her home.  Vanessa was 8 months pregnant in this photograph and so excited for her future as she would often think about what life was going to be like once her daughter, Emma, was born.  It breaks my heart knowing what is happening in the country, especially for Vanessa who was full of hope for her daughter's future.  Just to give you a little insight into what is happening with Vanessa I decided to share a message she sent to me a few days ago...

"I do not know what to do my friend.  I am so afraid, now I hear bombs near my house.  Every day there is suffering.  In a month I will not have much cash from my savings left.  I think only about my baby Emma because now she is my priority.  Jason it is horrible and I have not been able to sleep.  I feel helpless and alone but a the same time I am praying every single day.  My heart is broken."

It has become extremely clear that Daniel Ortega will stop at nothing to hold onto his presidency, even if that means killing his Nicaraguan brothers and sisters in the streets.

On top of all of this obvious pain and suffering, it has resulted in a massive economic blow that has forced many business owners to close their stores for fear of being looted and vandalized and has crippled the tourism industry that Nicaragua’s people greatly depend on.

We have decided to raise funds to help our friends and partners on the ground in Nicaragua.  Any amount of support is greatly appreciated.  The entire world will be witnessing the strength, resilience, love, compassion and integrity that truly define the Nicaraguan culture as they pursue freedom and true democracy.  Again, thank you so much for considering helping our friends in Nicaragua in this time of need ❤️ You can donate at the following link...