Johnstown, PA Wedding Photography at The Grande Halle | Johnstown Wedding Photographer | Wryatt & Tharisa

Johnstown, PA Wedding Photography at The Grande Halle


I love this photograph of Wryatt and Tharisa from their beautiful wedding day!  These two love birds were married in St. Lucia but they wanted something a little different to compliment their unreal beautiful beach photographs as well (seriously, St Lucia is SO BEAUTIFUL --- if you ever want to travel to St. Lucia you NEED to hit up my friends at Villa Pierre in Vieux-Fort --- they'll blow your mind).  I'm a sucker for a double exposure and knew exactly what I wanted to chase after as soon as I saw Tharisa in her second dress of the evening, when the light would hit her golden sequins, it reminded me of something from The Hunger Games, next thing you know I am chasing after this photograph whistling the Mocking Jay call, haha.  I encourage you to whistle it while viewing this photograph, it will make it better, I promise 🔥

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