Portage, PA Wedding Photography at The Lemon House | Portage, PA Wedding Photographer | Tyson & Kristy

Portage, PA Wedding Photographer

Portage, PA Wedding Photographer | The Lemon House

Portage, PA Wedding Photographer | The Lemon House

How sweet to be a cloud floating in the blue!  I had such an awesome day with Tyson + Kristy during their Portage, PA Wedding Day.  It's hard to tell that 30 minutes before this photograph was made we were taking photographs under the cover of a roof because of all the rain we were battling.  Just as I finished up taking photographs of the ladies, the skies started to open up a bit and we took full advantage of the weather.  We walked around The Lemon House for a bit and just as we were finishing up the sun started to poke through the biggest, fluffiest white clouds!  I love that the couples that connect with me are literally down for whatever.  "Hey...I have an idea for a photograph but you'll have to climb up this hillside that is soaking wet from all the rain..." --- "Jason, shut up...we're into it...tell us where to gooooo?!?"  I seriously had so much fun with these two love birds, stay locked for a few more photographs from their beautiful wedding day 😍

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