Johnstown, PA High School Senior Photographer | Gage's Senior Photography | Central Cambria Area High School

Johnstown, PA High School Senior Photography

Central Cambria High School Senior Photography

Central Cambria High School Senior Photography

How awesome is this photograph of Gage?! I love creating this kind of photograph for people…especially when Mother Nature cooperates and drops down a sunset like this one 🙌🏽 Gage wanted to be photograph with his uniform on but didn’t really want the typical baseball photograph…you all know the one I am talking about, haha. We straight up CHASED after this sunset in our cars and almost missed it as the sun dropped down below the horizon as I scrambled to get my lights setup. The sunset was fading extremely quickly…I was more than a little bummed but knew I could still make something cool for Gage with what color I had left. That’s when the sky exploded for one last show for the day as a cloud broke below the horizon to our West 🔥

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