Find out why wedding guests were freaking out over this night sky.

Sunnehanna Country Club in Johnstown, PA

WHAAAT?! CLEAR SKIES in Johnstown, Pennsylvania?! You have no idea how pumped I was when Drew and Marianna said they wanted to chase after this photograph. As we made our way out over Johnstown, PA at Sunnehanna Country Club, the three of us chatted about the night sky…one of my all time favorite topics. These tiny seemingly insignificant moments during a wedding day are actually my favorite. As I was creating this photograph I told Drew and Marianna to think of each other, all of their family, all of their friends…everyone and everything that made this day so special to them. I love watching people interact…I love when guards are drop…and I loved watching these two love birds under a blanket of stars as they soaked up their wedding day. I hope each and every time they look at this photograph they can find that same overwhelming feeling of love and support that they felt that day ❤️ Stay locked here for more photographs from their beautiful Johnstown, PA Wedding Day.

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