This is it!

Joseph & Katelynn's Wedding Photography at This Is It! – Johnstown, PA Wedding & Engagement Photographer

This Is It!  Johnstown, PA Wedding Photography

This Is It!  Johnstown, PA Wedding Photography

I had such a good time with these two love birds during their beautiful wedding day at This Is It! in my hometown of Johnstown, PA.  This photograph was taken super LATE in the night.  The wedding was over and most of the guest had already left for the after party.  I had just finished packing my car up when I noticed that it started raining...that's when the little voice in my head started screaming, "FIND THE BRIDE AND GROOM NOW."  I took off through the parking lot and as I made my way back to the venue I scanned the immediate area for a possible spot...I saw this tree just as Joey and Kate were exiting This Is It! to head to the after party.  Yesssssss, they were still there!  I'm sure they noticed the excitement in my voice because before I knew it they were dressed, my gear was unpacked and we were running toward this tree.  After a quick setup, this is the final photograph I made during their wedding day =)  I'm super happy we decided to chase after this bannnnger!  I can't wait to share even more photographs from their wedding day --- stay locked here to see more of Joey and Kate 🔥

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