Guess what?!  I'm getting ready to share a sneak peek...

I know you are super excited to see your photographs...believe me...I'm excited to share EVERYTHING with you! While I am busy editing the photographs, I want to share a teaser / sneak peek with the world to show them what we made.  Can I ask for a few favors?!  Trust me, it isn't too much...

Facebook and Instagram's new algorithms are making it next to impossible to show people my photographs without paying hundreds of dollars for a “boosted post”.  I'm sure you've noticed how many posts are "Sponsored" by now...usually about 1 out of every 7 --- yuck.  Unfortunately for small businesses, it's become a pay to play environment BUT there is hope!

After I share your sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram, you can do a few things to make sure people are seeing your beautiful photograph while letting everyone know who created it for you. I can’t thank you enough!


 1. Approve tags on Facebook

Most people have to "Approve" tags on the photographs.  By approving a tag, the photograph you are tagged in displays on your timeline and also on the Facebook news feed.  This helps MASSIVELY to drive traffic to my page and literally takes 5 seconds to complete.  Read on if you aren't sure how to do it...if you're already in the know, feel free to skip ahead to Number 2.

Visit your Facebook Profile from a mobile device (SHOWN) or computer.  Click on the gear then choose “Review Timeline” Find the photograph I posted and press the blue “Add to Timeline” button.


 2. posts/shares

This one also goes a really, really, reaaaaaaally long way for me 😍 Anytime you share a photograph on social media, it helps me FOR YEARS when you write something like, "📸 Photography by @Jason Bafile Photography" and also “checking in” to Jason Bafile Photography. 

It never fails, each year I get hit up from someone who was creeping on someone's posts from years ago and they'll say..."I saw your photographs from Matt and Jessi's Engagement photographs and I absolutely LOVED them!  I’d love to learn more!"

If you want to take it a step further, you can write a quick blurb about your experience --- this helps even more!  Whatever you want to say is fine but here is what Matt and Jessi wrote.  I received a few emails from their friends inquiring about services 😀  Look at all those "LIKES" and "COMMENTS"!  I can't thank you enough if you do this for me.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.24.51 AM.png

Look at Ashlee STILL helping me out after 5 years!  She is still tagging me!  I can't thank her enough!

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.07.43 PM.png

3. Tell me how much you love the photograph on the post

This one is super simple!  Let me know how much you love the photograph in the comments for the world to see 😀  Here are a few quotes from the comments section of Facebook and Instagram...

Absolutely positively AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! We had such a blast! The work you do is PHENOMENAL!!!!
Jason , your skill is phenomenal and you can tell that you truly love what you do! 📷 This photo is amazing.. and this moment was so fun to create. I love that you can take a back corner of a venue and turn it into a beautiful work of art 👍🏼 stunning !! 💜 Andrew and I cannot wait to see more from our wedding day, you did a fantastic job working hard from morning to the end of the night to capture it all 😎 Thank you again so so sooo much!
Jason is this even us?!??! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE and can’t wait to have this in our home ❤️