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who i am

I am an Engagement, Wedding and Travel Photographer with an UNQUENCHABLE thirst for experiencing the world through new faces and places.  Give me a trail to hike on in Pennsylvania, a mountain to climb up in Utah, a cenote to jump into in Mexico, or a city in Nicaragua to get lost in with "my people" and I'm unreal pumped!  And yes, I group my girlfriend, family, friends and of course our dogs into "my people", haha!  After all the fun, there's no better way to relive an amazing day, trip or adventure than sifting through all the photographs with everyone involved!  Sounds awesome but you're probably thinking, "Where is Jason going with all this?!  We're here because we're getting married!"  Well...

Your wedding day is sure to be an adventure like no other!

If you can imagine your wedding story told through my photographs, let's get started on this great big adventure together...



Does the thought of a bunch of "look here and smile" type photographs sound boring to you?  Believe me, it does to me too!  Go take a peek at a few of my wedding photographs...

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lets start this adventure

Are you already on board?  Are you thinking, "I'm ready to take the next step, shut up and take my money!"  Whoa, slow down!  First, shoot me over a message to get things rolling.

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